EKD-seminar: fellesdel + workshop: "Defining your brand"

Kurs: Defining your brand
Kursholder: Jussi Paasio/2ndOpinion
We briefly cover some brand definition tools, participants select one and we work out an initial definition of their brands. An exercise is undertaken, some examples for inspiration are provided, and a model that can act as a guide or a brief is formed. This can and should be revisited, deepened and honed later, but provides a practical base for entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses alike.

Om Kursholder:
Jussi has a business school education from Turku and Dublin. He currently runs a strategy and brand advisory company, 2nd Opinion ( – somehow finding time to teach entrepreneurship, strategy, business models, brands and business numbers in some universities. Previously, he’s worked e.g. as Strategy Director in the Helsinki branch of TBWA, a global marketing and advertising business. He’s been involved in startups since ancient times, aka the mid-nineties.

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